Kegan Anthony Kline Sentenced to 40 Years for Unrelated Crimes, Including Child Exploitation and Solicitation

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Kegan Anthony Kline, who had communicated with Libby through his Snapchat and Instagram handle “anthony_shots,” was never considered a suspect in their deaths. Richard Allen was later charged with the murders.

Kegan Anthony Kline
Kegan Anthony Kline ( Photo: WTHR )

Kegan Anthony Kline, a man involved in the Delphi case has been sentenced to 40 years in prison on various charges unrelated to the murders

During the investigation into the Delphi case, authorities discovered evidence of Kegan Anthony Kline’s involvement in child-related crimes, resulting in over a dozen charges filed against him. He faced a total of 30 criminal charges unrelated to the murder case. Kegan Anthony Kline had been catfishing young girls across the country using the social media account “Emily Ann” due to his frustrations with dating profiles not garnering attention.

Kegan Anthony Kline contended shamefaced to 25 felonious charges, including child exploitation, child supplication, possession of child pornography, identity theft, and inhibition of justice. In court, he apologized to all of his victims, expressing remorse for his actions.

Miami Circuit Court Judge Timothy P. Spahr handed down a 43-year prison sentence, with three years suspended

Kegan Anthony Kline will also be on probation for an additional three years after his release. Despite his guilty plea, Kegan Anthony Kline plans to appeal his sentence.

Throughout his time behind bars, Kegan Anthony Kline continued inappropriate behavior, attempting to engage in conversations about sex with random women. Despite his attempts to gain a lower sentence with an apology, he wept as he read his prepared statement in court, admitting to making fake profiles due to his loneliness and other poor life choices.

Overall, Kegan Anthony Kline has been sentenced for his crimes, and his involvement in the Delphi case remains separate from his other offenses.


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