Lacie Brown Sentenced to Federal Probation for Student Loan Fraud Case Involving Impersonation and Identity Theft

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Acting U.S. Attorney Susan Lehr’s office released a statement confirming the sentence, which was handed down by U.S. Judge John M. Gerrard in a Lincoln federal court on Friday.

Lacie Brown Sentenced to Federal Probation
Lacie Brown Sentenced to Federal Probation ( Photo: WCYB )

Lacie Brown, a 21-year-old woman from Sutherland, has been sentenced to federal probation for her involvement in a student loan fraud case dating back to 2021

The incident came to light when the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Police Department received a complaint about a student loan on July 21, 2021… To the victim’s surprise, he had no knowledge of the first two loans, which had already been disbursed. Upon investigation, it was revealed that Lacie Brown was the primary signer on all three loan applications, with the victim unknowingly listed as the co-signer.

Lacie Brown’s modus operandi involved using the victim’s Social Security number and date of birth to apply for the loans, effectively impersonating him throughout the process

Lacie Brown not only created a login on his behalf but also signed the loan documents as the victim. Interestingly, the victim turned out to be a relative of Lacie Brown’s, and there was no evidence to suggest that Lacie Brown had illegally acquired his personal information.

The case was diligently investigated by both the UNL Police Department and the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office, ultimately leading to Lacie Brown’s sentencing. She has been placed on probation for a year as a consequence of her actions.


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