Leader And 22 Members Of The MS-13 Gang Charged With “Brutal” Killings


Last Wednesday, the Prosecutors indicted the alleged national leader and 22 members of the MS-13 gang with murder and other crimes of violence.

Leader And 22 Members Of The MS-13 Gang Charged With Murders
Leader And 22 Members Of The MS-13 Gang Charged With “Brutal” Killings (Photo: Yahoo Finance)


The National Leader and 22 Members of the MS-13 Gang are indicted

The New York Office of the Attorney publicized the 48-count intervening indictment against Edenilson Velasquez Larin, the alleged leader of the MS-13 Gang and the Fulton Locos Salvatruchas for his alleged ordered murders, money laundering, and drugs distribution for the MS-13 Gang.

The charges detailed several murders and attempted murders by the MS-13 Gang against opposing gang members using firearms and machetes.

Prosecutors said that alleged leaders ordered alleged MS-13 members to search the Elmont, New York, neighborhood for rival 18th Street members and kill them for intruding on their territory. An alleged MS-13 member from Maryland ultimately found an individual on as member 18th Street and shot him dead.

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MS-13 Gang murders are brutal and cold-blooded

The violent crimes committed by these MS-13 Gang members were brutal and completely senseless. Law enforcement agencies are working to dismantle MS-13 Gang, a transnational criminal organization, its leaders, and its members that are accountable for the violence and other illegal activities that they have committed in our communities.

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