Leaders of the Burberry burglary gang receive ten years in prison for $190,000 worth of citywide burglaries

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Several criminal charges against 2 members of a burglary crew that prosecutors claimed may be accountable for over 200 business burglaries in Chicago, such as 2 at the Burberry shop on Michigan Avenue, have been resolved with their guilty pleas.

While they are only anticipated to serve half of their 10-year sentences in jail, Tacarre Harper, 28, and Dion Butts, 26, both earned sentences that effectively total 10 years.

According to prosecutors, companies suffered losses of $190,000. The organization, which engaged in overnight break-ins at retailers varying from mom ‘n’ pop grocery stores to luxury boutiques, caused Burberry alone to lose roughly $150,000 to them.

The burglary crew once deposited stolen cash registrations and other loot on Astor Street, in front of Governor JB Pritzker’s residence, in a particularly audacious, or possibly accidental, act.

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