Lindsay Clancy Faces New Murder Charges in Tragic Case of Child Strangulation

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This development transfers her case to Plymouth Superior Court. Previously, Lindsay Clancy had been indicted on various charges, including murder and strangulation, in Plymouth District Court earlier this year.


Lindsay Clancy Faces New Murder Charges
Lindsay Clancy Faces New Murder Charges ( Photo: The Independent )

Lindsay Clancy, a 32-year-old Massachusetts mother, faces a new indictment of murder charges by a grand jury for allegedly strangling her three children

Currently receiving mental health treatment at Tewksbury Hospital, Lindsay Clancy is expected to remain there until November, not yet entered a plea. The tragic incident occurred on January 24, when Lindsay Clancy sent her husband for dinner, only for him to return and discover the horrifying scene.

While her husband voiced support for Lindsay Clancy and urged forgiveness, prosecutors assert she was of sound mind during the incident

Patrick Clancy expressed his heartbreak over the loss of their children and mentioned his pursuit of a new purpose in life. Lindsay Clancy‘s initial plea of not guilty on the earlier charges was entered on her behalf back in February in Plymouth District Court. The case continues to unfold in Plymouth Superior Court.


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