Maine lady brings little raccoon to Petco for nail trimming


To learn more about the woman who attempted to groom the young raccoon, the animal was put to death and had its nails clipped at a Petco store in Maine.

“The raccoon was negative against rabies, so people who had close to with the raccoon at Petco weren’t required to get treatment,” the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife stated in a news statement.

Animals must be put to death before being sent for rabies testing.

At about 1:30 pm on Tuesday, the unnamed woman brought the raccoon to a Petco in Auburn, where “a lot of various individuals touched the raccoon and a few kissed it,” according to authorities.

After being informed of the raccoon’s existence, the shop manager requested the woman to go before getting in touch with the Maine Warden Service and the Maine Center for Disease Control & Prevention.

Officials stated that “Petco fails to trim raccoon nails” and that “it is banned to have animals in Maine.”

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