Majorjon Kaylor Agrees to Plead Guilty in Father’s Day Shooting Case Resulting in Four Deaths

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Court documents indicate Majorjon Kaylor’s decision to accept guilt for the crime that shook the community.

Majorjon Kaylor Agrees to Plead Guilty in Father's Day Shooting Case Resulting in Four Deaths
Majorjon Kaylor Agrees to Plead Guilty in Father’s Day Shooting Case Resulting in Four Deaths ( Photo: AP News )

Kellogg resident Majorjon Kaylor, 32, has reportedly agreed to plead guilty following the tragic incident on Father’s Day, where he allegedly entered his neighbors’ residence and fatally shot four individuals

The altercation stemmed from an incident involving an 18-year-old in the victims’ household, who purportedly exposed himself to Majorjon Kaylor’s wife and daughters. In response, Majorjon Kaylor stands accused of the shooting that claimed four lives. Prosecutors have adjusted charges from first-degree to second-degree murder and have withdrawn a burglary charge in the negotiated agreement. Notably, they had previously announced their decision against pursuing the death penalty in this case.

Facing the amended charges, Majorjon Kaylor could potentially serve a minimum of 10 years to life imprisonment for each count. Nevertheless, the exact sentencing is yet to be determined and is expected to be revealed during an upcoming court hearing, as detailed in court documents.

The tragic event unfolded due to escalating tensions between Majorjon Kaylor and the family residing next door, who had recently moved into the neighborhood

Devin Smith, 18, reportedly exposed himself to Kaylor’s family, sparking a confrontation that turned deadly. Majorjon Kaylor argued with Kenna Guardipee, 41, and Kenneth, 65, Smith’s mother and grandfather, on their property. Initially discussing concerns about their son, it escalated into a violent clash resulting in the deaths of the two individuals outside their home.

Later, Majorjon Kaylor allegedly entered the house, where a 16-year-old boy was shot, and Smith was found dead in the bathroom from fatal gunshot wounds. There are also reports of Kaylor and his wife sharing an image of Gary Plauche, known for fatally shooting a suspect accused of assaulting his child in 1984, before the tragic events on Father’s Day.


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