Man Accused of Florida Shooting Killed by Police After Standoff at Motel

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A manhunt for a suspect in the Florida shooting case

Florida Shooting
Florida Shooting ( Photo: Belleville News-Democrat )

Florida shooting suspect killed by police after hours-long standoff

Al Joseph Stenson was initiated after police responded to a medical call and discovered a woman and her three children, one adult, and two juveniles dead at a Lake Wales apartment complex. Stenson was located at a motel in Sanford, where he had fled to his brother, and after an hours-long standoff with the police, he was shot and killed by the officers early Wednesday morning.

Seminole County Sheriff Dennis M. Lemma said that negotiations with the SWAT team worked well, and Stenson was convinced to exit the motel room without harming himself or the officers.

He made statements that he would either kill himself or force law enforcement to kill him

At one point, negotiators convinced Stenson to put down the firearm he was carrying, but he later went for the gun on the ground. The SWAT team then deployed a less lethal foam projectile in an attempt to neutralize the threat, but it had little effect on the suspect. At that moment, three SWAT team members and one member of the specialized unit of the Sanford Police Department opened fire and killed Stenson.

The victims were known to Stenson, but the motive for the killings is not clear. Stenson was being charged with four counts of first-degree murder.


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