Man Accused of Killing Mother at Sea Dies in Federal Custody, Charges to be Dismissed

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The filing stated that the U.S. Marshal‘s office provided information about Carman’s death around June 15, 2023, and therefore, the charges against him should be dismissed.

Man Accused of Killing Mother at Sea Dies
Man Accused of Killing Mother at Sea Dies ( Photo: NBC News )

Nathan Carman, the man who was accused of murdering his mother while at sea in 2016, has passed away while in federal custody, as revealed in a recent court filing by federal prosecutors

No details regarding the cause of death were disclosed, and the Vermont U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to comment further on the matter. Carman was apprehended in May 2022 and pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud and murder related to his mother’s demise. In 2016, Carman was discovered adrift on a life raft, a week after he and his mother, Linda Carman, embarked on a fishing trip off the coast of New England. Regrettably, his mother’s body was never recovered.

A trial had been scheduled to commence in October of this year, and if convicted, Carman would have received a mandatory life sentence for murder at sea. The fraud charges carried a potential prison term of up to 30 years each, according to the Vermont U.S. Attorney’s Office.

The indictment against Carman also implicated him in the fatal shooting of his grandfather, John Chakalos, at his Connecticut residence in 2013. The indictment claimed that Chakalos had accumulated significant wealth through real estate ventures, and Carman’s alleged crimes were allegedly part of a scheme to acquire money and property from his grandfather’s estate and related family trusts.

Although Carman was not charged with his grandfather’s murder, the focus was primarily on his involvement in his mother’s death in 2016

Investigations revealed that Carman and his mother had conflicting intentions regarding their fishing trip’s destination, with different accounts given by Carman to various individuals. The vessel they used had numerous repair issues, and Carman had made modifications to it before the ill-fated trip.

The Carman family had a history of legal issues, including an assault allegation against Linda Carman in 2011 and the unsolved killing of John Chakalos in 2013. Nathan Carman inherited money from his grandfather’s bank accounts and reportedly depleted most of it by 2016.

With Carman’s demise, the pending charges against him will be dismissed, ending a controversial case that has drawn significant attention.


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