Man In Custody After 35-year-old Friend Found Dead In Hotel Room in Las Vegas


A 40-year-old man is currently serving time in prison after a housekeeper reportedly found his 35-year-old companion dead inside a hotel room on the Las Vegas Strip.

Man in custody after 35-year-old friend found dead in hotel room.(Photo:

On Sunday, June 11, shortly after 12:30 p.m., the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department responded to a report of an unresponsive man in a hotel room in the 3800 block of South Las Vegas Boulevard. Police found a male victim who had been shot with a gun; the medical staff immediately pronounced him dead.

According to an arrest report acquired by KSNV-TV, a housekeeper initially discovered the deceased, Martell Merrill, dead inside the Excalibur Hotel after observing a bloodstain flowing out of a door.

The suspect, Christopher Mason, allegedly shared a hotel room with Merrill and another person. On the evening of Saturday, June 10, Merrill’s girlfriend allegedly alerted hotel security that a man named “Quise” was holding a gun to his head. The hotel security then made a 911 call.

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The woman reportedly told police that Merrill got into a dispute with someone else over a $20 gaming ticket while they were on the phone. The woman reported that before she called security, she heard a loud noise and breathing.

Investigators, according to KSNV, observed Mason leaving the hotel that evening and entering an elevator on surveillance tape.

Authorities allegedly found a text message from Mason on Merrill’s phone asking about the $20 gaming coupon. KSNV allegedly overheard a 23-minute conversation between Merrill and his girlfriend, confirming the girlfriend’s account.

Reports claim that when the girlfriend saw a picture of Mason, she referred to him as “Quise.”

The Criminal Apprehension Team located Mason on Monday, June 12, and took him into custody, according to the authorities. After being taken into custody and lodged in the Clark County Detention Center on the basis of an open murder accusation, he is still being held without bond.

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