Man Indicted for Murder After Shooting Incident Involving Mistaken Driveway Entry

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A murder charge has been brought against a man in rural New York who allegedly shot and killed a woman after her car mistakenly entered his driveway.

Man Indicted for Murder
Man Indicted for Murder ( Photo: AP News )

Kevin Monahan, 65, has been indicted on charges of second-degree murder, reckless endangerment, and tampering with physical evidence

Monahan pleaded not guilty during his arraignment and awaits further legal proceedings. The incident occurred in Washington County, approximately 55 miles north of Albany, when a vehicle carrying 20-year-old Kaylin Gillis and several others inadvertently turned into Monahan’s driveway while searching for a friend’s house. Monahan purportedly opened fire on the vehicle, resulting in Gillis’ death.

Blake Walsh, Gillis’ boyfriend and the driver of the car, explained in a phone interview that they were searching for a party and believed they had arrived at the correct address. Lacking cell service to confirm their location, they attempted to leave once they realized the mistake, but the shooting ensued.

A judge ordered Monahan back into police custody

Prosecutors argued that his confrontational and compulsive nature should be taken into account. Monahan’s attorney, Kurt Mausert, contended that his client, a long-time resident with no prior criminal record in New York, should have been granted pretrial release.

Monahan’s attorney also challenged the sheriff’s account of the events, stating that multiple vehicles were speeding up the driveway and revving their engines. The victim’s father, Andy Gillis, demanded justice for his daughter, describing her as a bright and compassionate individual with aspirations of becoming a marine biologist or veterinarian.

Monahan is scheduled to appear in court on July 28, with the trial anticipated to commence in September. The case has drawn significant attention and raised questions about the appropriate response when faced with a perceived threat in a rural setting.


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