Man who returned from the Titan sub mission with his son claimed Stockton Rush went to persuade them on a handcrafted experimental plane


According to an individual who opted out of the tragic Titan submarine journey to the Titanic, the company’s CEO flew to see him in an experimental aircraft he had built.

In an interview with CNN, Jay Bloom and his 20-year-old son Sean stated they were scheduled to travel on the Titan submarine expedition with OceanGate Expeditions, which tragically ended this past week. The ship collapsed while traveling to the Titanic’s wreck, killing all 5 individuals on board, such as firm CEO Stockton Rush.

Bloom claimed that Rush visited him when he and his kid voiced fears about the journey.

When Bloom asked Rush about why he ended up flying at North Las Vegas Airport as opposed to a single of the city’s additional airports, Rush responded that he “had been going in on a 2-seater experimental plane that he built,” as stated by Rush.

“And I began to wonder over it: He’s flying in on a 2-seater experimental plane, and he wants me going on a 5-seater experimental submersible that he constructed out to the ocean floor to watch the Titanic.”

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