Man with Arrest Warrant Found Dead in Freezer: Brandon Lee’s Tragic Demise Raises Questions


 Investigators believe that Brandon Lee, aged 34, sought to evade law enforcement by hiding in a chest freezer, leading to his tragic demise.

Man with Arrest Warrant Found Dead in Freezer
Man with Arrest Warrant Found Dead in Freezer ( Photo: New York Post )

The body of Brandon Lee Buschman, a man with an active arrest warrant, was discovered in a Biwabik, Minnesota home on June 26

The Gilbert Police Department, responsible for investigating incidents in the Biwabik area, revealed that the older model of the freezer had a latch on the outside only, preventing Brandon Lee from freeing himself once he entered.

Witnesses informed the police that they observed Brandon Lee fleeing from the upstairs section of the house, presumably due to a potential police presence nearby.

The investigation suggests that Brandon Lee voluntarily climbed into the freezer, which was not operational at the time

However, despite his efforts to escape, a metal lawn ornament rod had become lodged between the gasket and the manufactured edge of the freezer, rendering Brandon Lee unable to open it from the inside.

The Midwest Medical Examiner’s Office conducted an autopsy, which revealed no signs of trauma or injury on Brandon Lee’s body. The police are awaiting toxicology reports for further insights. Determining the last sighting of Brandon Lee while alive remains an ongoing task for law enforcement.


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