Manhattan Man Arrested for Allegedly Raping and Overdosing 14-Year-Old Girl

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Prosecutors have stated that the child survived the incident on May 26 after receiving medical attention at a hospital.

Manhattan Man Arrested
Manhattan Man Arrested ( Photo: CNN )

A 54-year-old man from Manhattan has been taken into custody after being accused of raping and providing drugs to a 14-year-old girl who subsequently overdosed in a hotel room in New York City

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office released a statement regarding the case. The indictment against Michael Olson includes over 15 charges, such as second-degree rape and selling a controlled substance to a minor. Online court records indicate that he pleaded not guilty during a court appearance on Thursday. At this time, Olson’s attorney has not responded to requests for comment. The Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, expressed concern that the defendant’s criminal activities may extend beyond the charges currently listed in the indictment. The allegations are being actively investigated.

The incidents began in December 2022 when Olson responded to a social media post by the 14-year-old girl expressing dissatisfaction with the cost of clothing

He allegedly sent her a gift card and initiated a financial arrangement, paying her approximately $700 per week to spend time with him. Over the course of six months, Olson repeatedly raped the girl in hotel rooms in Manhattan and Queens, taking her to various locations, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Miami. He booked flights under his last name and her first name to give the appearance that she was his daughter.

On May 26, emergency responders discovered the girl overdosing in a Manhattan hotel room with Olson present. The district attorney’s statement reveals that various drugs, including ketamine, cocaine, and Xanax, were found in the room. Assistant District Attorney John Fuller described the content found on Olson’s electronic devices during the investigation, including numerous screenshots of social media accounts belonging to “young, Asian teenage girls” whom he had contacted.


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