Manhattan’s Riverbank shooting incident: Family of a 15-year-old Victim Cries For Justice

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15-YEAR-OLD VICTIM OF SHOOTING INCIDENT – 15-year-old Wesley Vasquez has been shot to death in Manhattan’s Riverbank Park. The alleged killer was arrested according to the state police.

Shooting incident in Manhattan’s Riverbank State Part. The alleged suspect was apprehended by the police.


The shooting incident of Vasquez left his family in shock after the early loss of their loved one. Moreover, the arrest of the perpetrator leaves a sigh of relief for the family of the young boy.

The alleged killer was identified by the name Anibal Cruz, 36 years old. According to the city and state police, Cruz was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Prior to the shooting incident, a group consisting of three teens and a man confronted Vasquez on his way to play basketball. According to the witness, the two parties were seen trading insults while trying to be intervened by another woman.

The witness also reported the man suddenly pulled a gun open which resulted in the shooting incident. The woman who tried to mediate the two parties managed to evade the bullet but unfortunately struck Wesley. It was wild as the witness described.

Parkgoer, Clark Peña, remembered the shooting incident hearing up to seven gunshots, and rushed to the basketball court to investigate.

In Peña’s narrative, he immediately saw Vasquez who was completely unresponsive and bleeding underneath.

Furthermore, officers were successful to apprehend the man matching the killer’s description and discovered Cruz attempting to dispose of the gun after the shooting incident.

According to their report, the rate of shooting incidents in the city has declined this year through June 25 compared with the same time last year; from 616 to 464 shooting incidents have been recorded.



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