Massachusetts Man Arrested After Allegedly Killing Wife Pleads Not Guilty

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A Massachusetts man arrested after allegedly killing his missing wife pleaded not guilty.

Anna and Brian Walshe
A Massachusetts man arrested for allegedly killing his wife pleaded not guilty. (Photo: People)

Massachusetts Man Pleads Innocence to the Alleged Murder of His Wife

A Massachusetts man named Brian Walshe was accused of murdering his wife, Ana Walshe, while confined to his home due to fraud charges.

The Massachusetts man’s wife was reported missing by her employer when she didn’t come to work. However, Brian pleaded not guilty in court and claimed he lost contact with his wife before New Year’s Day.

According to Daily News, the Massachusetts man stated that his wife was about to go to Washington, D.C., for work, but the authorities found no records of Ana boarding a flight that day or taking a cab to the airport, confirming that Brian’s statements weren’t true.

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Massachusetts Man Allegedly Kills His Wife Over Affair

During the investigation, authorities discovered that the Massachusetts man had been suspicious of his wife and even had his mother hire an investigator to get evidence that she was having an affair.

The Massachusetts man reportedly tried to access the Instagram page of his wife’s male friend several times. Ana also told her friends that she wanted to leave Brian and live with their children far from him during that time.

The Massachusetts man is held without bail while authorities continue investigating what happened with his missing wife.

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