Memphis is rated as the USA’s most dangerous city for driving

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A less famous poll, “Most Dangerous City in the United States for Drivers,” places Memphis at number one.

As per the federal government, driving contributes to a single among every 5 fatal collisions in Memphis.

In an interview with Action News 5, a youthful woman who lost her family in a collision brought on by an irresponsible driver made a last-ditch appeal to Memphis drivers to slow down.

Lucy Moore, 78, served the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office for almost 3 decades. This past summer, Lucy and the 49-year-old daughter Lanie, a traveling cinematographer from New York who was back home, decided to put Lucy’s dog Sparkee inside a vehicle and drive him for a walk in a nearby park.

Neither of them was successful.

According to Kat Moore, “I’ve sacrificed the individuals who meant to me dearly in the entire world and who adored me the best in the world,” she said Action News 5.

When Moore’s mother Lucy and elder sister Lanie died in a hit-and-run incident near Raleigh on June 12 of the previous year, it destroyed her world.

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