Michelle Obama Talks About Going Back to the White House on ‘Fallon’: “We Are Not Welcomed Back”

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To keep marketing her latest book, The Light We Carry, Michelle Obama made an appearance on The Tonight Show. She used the event as an opportunity to talk about what it took coming back to the White House last November after serving as First Lady for 8 years. Having received no invitation to display their pictures when Donald Trump was in power, she and former president Barack Obama returned to do so.

“It truly was an amazing experience,” she observed. It’s normal for a future president to welcome you again by displaying your official images after you complete them. These photos have been made for a very, very long time because we were not invited to return. Seeing everyone was very fantastic.

Obama also talked about how she thinks that “little pieces” of change are the most effective and how she still stands by the motto, “When they go low, we fly high.”

“You believe that?’ individuals continue to question me. Still?’ she questioned. “I never imagined that line would make me famous, but I’m proud of it. People often ask me if I ever get depressed, and I have. I often fall to my knees. However, I believe that those of us with a platform and who are admired must maintain our standards. Kids are looking at us, after all. If necessary, take it easy at home.”

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