Missing Alabama Woman found dead after 18 months, two perpetrators charged for murder


In late 2021, a  report was filed about a missing Alabama woman. Earlier this week, great progress occurred in the report as a missing Alabama woman’s remains were discovered in a park, leading to the arrest of two women who orchestrated the incident.


The two women allegedly kidnapped the missing Alabama woman, taking her to a cliff in a national park to push her to death, in an article by Fox News.

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Loretta Carr, 45, from Fort Payne, was arrested on Sunday by a tactical team in DeKalb County. In addition, the second alleged perpetrator, Jessie Eden Kelly was arrested in Pennsylvania. Both of them are charged with the murder of the missing Alabama woman.

Mary Elizabeth Isbell. missing Alabama woman found dead 18 months later



According to authorities,  Mary Elizabeth Isbell or most commonly known as Beth Wright was reported missing by her ex-husband on December 27 due to reason that she wasn’t able to contact their teenage son, to greet him a “Merry Christmas” on the 25th of December.  Furthermore, friends and family hadn’t seen the missing Alabama woman ever since the end of 2021.


Following the filed missing report, investigators searched her home and car in DeKalb County to collect evidence, but no signs of the missing Alabama woman were found.

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Until recently, a tip was given to the investigators on June 20, resulting in progress in the entire missing Alabama woman’s case, as stated in a statement from the Sherriff’s office on Friday.

Missing Alabama Woman found dead after 18 months, two perpetrators charged for murder


A search was then immediately executed on Wednesday, leading to the discovery of human remains at Little River Canyon National Preserve. On Friday, of the said week, the autopsy confirmed that the remains belonged to the missing Alabama woman,  Isbell who would’ve turned 39 the very same day.

Little River Canyon National Preserve, Alabama


The home address of one of the perpetrators in Fort Payne was about 95 miles northeast of Birmingham, where the missing Alabama woman’s remains were found.

Pennsylvania police now hold Kelly, as she awaits felony charges in Missouri. while the second suspect is detained in Alabama. Subsequently,  in an article in AL.com, Carr’s defense attorney has submitted files claiming that the suspect should not remain in custody due to lack of evidence 


In an article on Fox News, Nick Welden, DeKalb County Sheriff, profusely thanked law enforcement officers from multiple states for their help in cracking the cold case of the missing Alabama woman


“Each individual played an important role in bringing Beth home and holding those responsible for this horrific crime accountable,” Welden said in a statement. “We would ask that you pray for Beth’s family and give them privacy as they navigate through this difficult time.”

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