Missing Arizona Teen Turns Herself In At Montana Police Station 4 Years After Her Disappearance

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A missing Arizona teen turned herself in at Montana police state four years after her disappearance.

Alicia Navarro
A missing Arizona teen turned herself in at Montana police state four years after her disappearance. (Photo: NBC News)

Missing Arizona Teen Reappears and Asks to Get Herself Off the Missing Juvenile List at Montana Police Station Four Years After Her Disappearance

A missing Arizona teen named Alicia Navarro reappeared and asked to get herself off the missing juvenile list at the Montana police station four years after being reported missing from their home, wherein the missing Arizona teen mysteriously disappeared in Arizona before she was seen at Montana.

According to a report published in People, witnesses heard the missing Arizona teen having an argument with an unidentified man inside a Montana apartment, claiming that the missing Arizona teen shouted she would remove herself from the missing juvenile list and start a normal life.

During the investigation, witnesses claimed that the missing Arizona teen was first seen wandering around the area while looking for the unidentified man, and authorities later discovered the missing Arizona teen referred to the unidentified man as her uncle.

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Missing Arizona Teen Claims She Was Not Held Against Her Will and Reappears Unharmed

After four years of disappearance, the missing Arizona teen claimed that the unidentified man did not hold her against her will and appeared unharmed at the Montana police station; however, authorities insisted that the missing Arizona teen is still a victim despite having no evidence of abuse or appearing unharmed.

Following the missing Arizona teen’s reappearance, authorities are still investigating her disappearance and reappearance, and how she decided to live with the unidentified man, Mirror reported.

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