Missing Ohio Woman Remains Identified After 45 Years

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Police Investigators know now whom the remains found in 1978. It belongs to Florence Charleston, an Ohio woman who was missing 45 years ago.

Missing Ohio Woman Remains Found After 45 Years In Nevada
Missing Ohio Woman Remains Identified After 45 Years In Nevada (Photo: CBS News)


In 1978, a woman’s decayed remains were found in a garment in a remote area of northern Nevada. The victim remained nameless for decades

On Wednesday, Nevada Police publicized that with the help of DNA testing identification, the remains found in 1978 have finally led to personal identification. She was an Ohio woman named Florence Charleston who moved to Portland before her death.

The death of an Ohio woman is still a mystery. Police have not yet determined why she ended up dead and buried in a shallow grave 860 kilometers from her new home.

The police announced the DNA match, and the investigation into the death of an Ohio woman is ongoing.

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Police failed to recognize Ohio woman remains for decades

Police used digital facial reconstruction, dental records, and DNA identification to identify the Ohio woman.
The family members of an Ohio woman have the answer to at least one of those remaining questions.

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