Murder Suspect Arrested For Shooting His 16-Year-Old Former Girlfriend 22 Times Pleads Guilty In Texas

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A murder suspect arrested for shooting his 16-year-old former girlfriend 22 times pleaded guilty in Texas.

Frank DeLeon Jr.
A murder suspect arrested for shooting his 16-year-old former girlfriend 22 times pleaded guilty in Texas. (Photo: Houston Chronicle)

Texas Murder Suspect Arrested for Shooting His Former Girlfriend Multiple Times Pleads Guilty

A 19-year-old murder suspect arrested in Texas named Frank DeLeon Jr. pleaded guilty to shooting his former girlfriend, identified as 16-year-old Diamond Alvarez, 22 times in her back until she died, leading to a fight inside the court upon the appearance of the murder suspect arrested.

According to a report published in CNN, the murder suspect arrested admitted to killing his former girlfriend while she was walking with her dog after she discovered his affair with another woman while they were still in a relationship, which led to the victim’s mother calling the murder suspect arrested “monster” for the brutal death of her daughter.

During the court appearance of the murder suspect arrested, a fight between the victim’s family and the murder suspect arrested started, wherein videos showed that the security had a hard time stopping both families as one of the victim’s family members even punched the murder suspect arrested.

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Murder Suspect Arrested Will Face 45 Years in Prison for Fatally Shooting His Former Girlfriend

Following the fight inside the court, the victim’s mother expressed her regret for what happened and claimed she saw the murder suspect arrested laughing while pleading guilty to killing her daughter.

The murder suspect arrested will face 45 years in prison as part of his guilty plea deal after shooting his former girlfriend multiple times, Fox News reported.

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