New Bill To Make Panhandling, Loitering On State Roads Illegal in Alabama

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A new bill will make panhandling and loitering on state roads illegal in Alabama.

Homeless people
A new bill will make panhandling and loitering on state roads illegal in Alabama. (Photo: Reddit)

New Bill Makes Panhandling and Loitering Illegal in Alabama

A new bill passed into law aims to increase the penalties for people loitering on the side of highways and roadways as well as for individuals who ask for money and people who give them.

The new bill will ensure the public’s safety, especially drivers and pedestrians who are being disturbed by people who panhandle and loiter in the roadways every day, Fox News reported.

The new bill will fine the offenders or will sentence them to months in prison depending on their offense, while other offenders will be admitted to various centers to receive help.

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New Bill Receives Criticism from Several Advocates in Alabama

The new bill that makes panhandling and loitering illegal in Alabama received criticism from several advocates who support the homeless people in the state, who will greatly be affected if the bill takes effect.

Other crisis centers in Alabama also claimed that the shelters they operate do not only focus on the homeless and already experiencing a lack of funds to cater to the needs of all the people they care for.

The new bill that will make panhandling and loitering illegal is expected to take effect on August 1.

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