New Jersey Police Officer Arrested After Fatally Shooting 911 Caller

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A New Jersey police officer was arrested after shooting a 911 caller to death who reported two burglars.

Salvatore Oldrati
A New Jersey police officer was arrested after shooting a 911 caller to death, who reported two burglars. (Photo: Yahoo Sports)

New Jersey Police Officer Fatally Shot 911 Caller Reported Two Burglars

A New Jersey police officer named Salvatore Oldrati fatally shot a 911 caller, Charles Sharp III, who reported two burglars inside his home.

During the investigation, the victim reported to 911 that one of the burglars was armed, so when the New Jersey police officer responded to the report and saw a man pointing a gun at him, he immediately shot him multiple times without thinking that he was the 911 caller.

Other authorities found a gun replica near the lifeless body of the 911 caller following the shooting incident due to the negligence of the New Jersey police officer, CNN reported.

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New Jersey Police Officer Will Face Up To 10 Years in Prison After Shooting and Killing 911 Caller

The New Jersey police officer shot the 911 caller multiple times after seeing him with a gun replica without any warnings or commands, just as he should do during responses.

Following the tragic death of the 911 caller, the New Jersey police officer will be sentenced to up to 10 years in jail for manslaughter.

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