Officer Tyler Hawes of Fargo police department is set to leave hospital after being wounded in deadly shooting


After the shooting stopped on July 14, one police officer was killed and two other policemen, as well as a woman in the wreckage, were injured, leaving the Fargo Police Department to wonder what else Mohamad Barakat had planned.

Officer Zach Robinson, the only cop who was not injured in the melee, fatally shot Barakat while spectators crouched nearby. Officers from the Fargo Police Department, namely: Officer Jake Wallin were killed, and Officers Tyler Hawes and Andrew Dotas were gravely injured in Barakat’s attack. Karlee Koswick, who was engaged in the traffic crash and attempted to flee, was also shot and wounded by Barakat.

Officer Tyler Hawes of the Fargo police department is set to leave the hospital after being wounded in a deadly shooting

Fargo Police Chief David Zibolski from the Fargo Police Department expressed the excellent news that Officer Hawes and Officer Dotas were able to stand up out of their hospital beds 7 days after the shooting during a news conference at Fargo City Hall on Friday, calling it “a blessing.”

A month later

Just recently, according to Fargo Police Department, Police Officer Tyler Hawes that was shot last month is likely to leave the hospital on Monday.

Officer Tyler Hawes, who was injured with Officer Andrew Dotas, was “anticipated to be released” from the hospital, the Fargo Police Department said on Facebook. Dotas was discharged from the hospital on Saturday.

According to the Fargo Police Department, Mohamad Barakat opened fire on Dotas, Hawes, and a bystander, Karlee Koswick, as police attended to a routine traffic collision on July 14. Officer Jake Wallin, 23, was fatally shot by Barakat. Zach Robinson, a fourth officer, shot and killed Barakat, 37.

Investigators discovered firearms, 1,800 rounds of ammo, and explosives in Barakat’s truck after the incident. The Fargo Police Department believes he was planning a larger attack on the day of the shooting, which occurred during summer festivities in the Fargo region.

Representatives from the Fargo Police Department visited Barakat’s home and interrogated him at least twice in recent years due to worries about his guns, but he appeared to have obtained them legally, according to police.


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