Ohio Man Indicted on 21 Counts in Connection with Shooting Deaths of His Three Sons

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Doerman, who appeared in court for his initial arraignment, pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Ohio Man Indicted
Ohio Man Indicted ( Photo: CBS News )

Chad C. Doerman, 32, has been indicted on multiple charges related to the tragic shooting deaths of his three young sons, as announced by Clermont County prosecuting attorney Mark J. Tekulve

If convicted, he could potentially face the death penalty for the killings. The prosecutor’s office revealed that Doerman is facing nine counts of aggravated murder, eight counts of kidnapping, and four counts of felonious assault. Given the severity of the case, Tekulve requested that Doerman be held without bond.

The incident took place in Monroe County when deputies responded to reports of a distressed girl running down the street, claiming that her father was killing people. Subsequently, a 911 call was made by the mother, who frantically exclaimed that her babies had been shot. Tragically, Doerman’s three sons, Clayton (7), Hunter (4), and Chase (3), were discovered dead, each shot in the head. The oldest boy, Clayton, had attempted to flee, but his father pursued him and shot him from behind, before approaching and delivering a fatal shot at close range, according to the prosecutor‘s account.

An obituary shared online portrayed the brothers as loving and joyful children

Clayton enjoyed go-karting, joking, and giving gifts; Hunter loved catching frogs and playing baseball, while Chase cherished swings and was known as an affectionate cuddler. The devastating loss has touched the hearts of many, prompting the mother’s sister, Rachel Brown, to create a GoFundMe page to cover the funeral expenses. Initially aiming for $20,000, the page has far surpassed its target, with donations exceeding $250,000. The funeral and celebration of life for the three boys are scheduled for June 26.

While officials have yet to disclose the motives behind this heinous crime, court records revealed that Doerman has had numerous run-ins with the law since 2009, primarily involving minor offenses such as speeding and traffic violations. Notably, he faced a domestic violence charge in 2010, which was later dropped due to a missing witness. Furthermore, a neighbor reported witnessing Doerman displaying anger towards his children, recounting an incident where he allegedly threw them around in the yard.

Doerman’s next court appearance is set for July 5, where further proceedings regarding this devastating case will take place.


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