Ohio police discover a dead baby inside a trash truck

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On Thursday afternoon, in Plain City, Ohio, cops got a troubling call: human corpses had been discovered in the bottom of a trash truck. The newborn’s body was quickly discovered by the arriving police.

From birth to 1 month old, the child seemed to be a fully developed newborn,” according to the first statements from officials.

A local claimed that the Bluestem Lane community was surprised by the finding. The local, Danielle Steagall, said to CBS affiliate WBNS: “It was someone in a nearby area who claimed they heard a shout from a garbage management employee.”

Steagall informed the station, “Definitely devastating, truly makes you desire to keep those kids nearer.”

Doctors declared the baby dead, and police took control of the area. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the town’s coroner’s office appeared at the location.

The Montgomery County Medical Examiner’s Office took the corpse for a preliminary autopsy, which was completed Friday morning. There has been no confirmed cause of death, according to authorities.

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