On a Texas farm, “human remains” were discovered in a luggage


According to the authorities, those feeding creatures at the property outside of San Antonio in Bexar County on Thursday morning found the horrifying observation.

The sheriff, Javier Salazar, stated at a news conference that “they started looking into it after discovering what seems to be human remains.”

He continued, “At the moment, we’ve got no idea as to the identity of the remains or the duration that the remains were lying out here.”

Sheriff Salazar stated that the corpses were “partial” and that it would take some time for authorities to identify or find out the reason for death.

But he claimed that “murder” was his initial “inclination.”

“It is still too soon to say if an individual was murdered here or if they were transported here with that item of baggage and abandoned here,” he continued.

Sheriff Salazar claimed that the suitcase had been left out in an open area and that burn marks had been seen nearby.

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