On Juneteenth weekend, shootings result in a minimum of 12 casualties


A total of twelve individuals have died and close to 100 have been wounded as a result of gunfire in American towns since Friday, according to Elise Preston’s story for “CBS Mornings.”

The killings and other acts of violence have increased over the previous few years, a trend that scientists say decreased throughout the coronavirus outbreak. Numerous shootings that resulted in several fatalities or injuries took place, between various locations, in suburban Chicago, Washington state, central Pennsylvania, St. Louis, Idaho, Southern California, and Baltimore.

There has undoubtedly been an increase in violence, according to Carnegie Mellon University professor of public policy and statistics Daniel Nagin. Some of these situations appear to be simple arguments, frequently involving teenagers, and these conflicts are resolved with weapons rather than punches.

As per the Gun Violence Archive, there have been murders and deaths with firearms that have resulted in the deaths of over eight hundred kids and teens so far this year.

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