On the eve of the plea deal hearing, the judge claims a member of Hunter Biden’s legal crew “misrepresented her identification”


Hunter Biden’s attorneys argued that the unusual incident was just a misunderstanding, but the judge who would evaluate Biden’s plea agreement on Wednesday charged one of Biden’s attorneys with misleading herself in a phone conversation with the court. The judge threatened penalties as a result of this bizarre incident.

Tuesday afternoon, U.S. District Court Judge Maryellen Noreika issued a brief request stating that a lawyer expressing the president’s son, Latham & Watkins, had contacted the court clerk’s office and pretended to be a Republican lawyer to get the clerk to take away paperwork that allegedly included Joe Biden’s tax details.

Latham rejected any wrongdoing, stating that the firm’s worker contacted from a law office phone that regularly displays “LATHAM” on the caller ID and introduced herself as a Latham worker. According to the company, there might have occurred an “unfortunate and unexpected misunderstanding” among the staff member and court personnel.

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