Opposite to the wishes of many parents, the California PTA is promoting transgender ideology


According to an announcement from Capitol Resource Institute (CRI), the California State Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a co-sponsor of a bill that aims to create a structure for parenting that defines the concept that losing to stand by a child’s self-identified gender will be seen as detrimental to the child’s health.

In a letter dated June 14, 2023, sent to Assembly Member Lori Wilson (D-Suisun City) on AB 957, California State PTA President Carol Green stated the following:

“I’m writing to express my support for and co-sponsorship of AB 957 on behalf of the California State PTA. As among California’s largest child advocacy organizations, we support children’s rights to safety and security in both their houses and schools.”

“We think that our kids have the opportunity to develop and grow up in a community that is accepting and supportive. We are aware that the rights of our transgender children are being threatened. We are aware that trans teenagers are an especially susceptible group because there have been the most bills aimed at them in one year throughout the nation. Legislation like AB 957 has the power to save lives.”

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