Out of concern a child came forward regarding the sexual abuse endured from a Texas man – indicted to 45 years in prison

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Without any chance for parole, a Texas man was sentenced to 45 years in prison guiltily charged by a jury for sexually abusing a child for two years.

booking photo of Benny James Phennel (CBS News)

The victim came forward out of concern for another child

Due to the female victim’s concern that Benny James Phennel, 38, the sexual abuser, will have the chance to ruin another child, she immediately told her family members about the abuse that was occurring in Princeton, Texas. The family confronted Phennel about the matter immediately, in which he readily admits that he was “messing around” with the child, according to the DA’s office.

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The victim divulges the details about the abuse during a forensic interview with the Children’s Advocacy Center of Collin County. Furthermore, Greg Willis, Collin County’s District Attorney, released a statement that the suspect had ongoing access to the child due to the reason that she knows him.

According to an article on Fox News, the sexual abuse started when the victim was just at the early age of 10, and continued for almost 2 years before the victim’s revelation.

Sexual abuse of children
Child Sexual Abuse (Consumer Justice Foundation)

Based on a jury’s decision, Phennel was found culpable of continuously abusing a child sexually, sentencing him to 45 years in prison. Not giving him the chance of parole due to the nature of his crime,

After the indictment, Greg Willis also said in a statement, “We are proud of this child victim’s courage to disclose her abuse to an adult and to testify against her abuser knowing that her motivation came from protecting another child was truly admirable.

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