Over 40 Minneapolis Gang Members Arrested During Police Takedown

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More than 40 Minneapolis gang members were arrested during a police takedown.

Minneapolis gang members
Image: More than 40 Minneapolis gang members were arrested during a police takedown. (Photo: Twitter)

Several Minneapolis Gang Members Caught in a Police Takedown

During a police takedown, authorities arrested 45 Minneapolis gang members for numerous crimes and violations Wednesday.

The police takedown aimed to arrest the three major Minneapolis gang members; the Highs, the Bloods, and the Lows. Authorities only arrested several members from the Highs and the Bloods but ensured they would also take down the Lows in the next days.

Several departments will help the investigation to prosecute all the arrested Minneapolis gang members, including the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act or RICO, which will prove how the gangs conducted racketeering patterns when doing crimes.

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Minneapolis Gang Members Face Multiple Charges

The Minneapolis gang members arrested during the police takedown faced multiple charges that involves drug trafficking, firearm violations, and homicides after their involvement in various attacks, such as assaults, shootings, and murders.

According to an AP News report, the Minneapolis gang members were reportedly involved in a shootout at a club that killed one person in 2020 and other shooting incidents that took other people’s lives tragically.

Some of the arrested Minneapolis gang members are now in federal custody for several crimes they are facing.

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