Philip Dunton Murphy Joins Calls for Menendez’s Resignation Amid Bribery Indictment

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Philip Dunton Murphy expressed deep concern over the allegations against Menendez and four other defendants, emphasizing their gravity and potential implications for national security and the credibility of the criminal justice system.

Philip Dunton Murphy
Philip Dunton Murphy ( Photo: The New York Times )

New Jersey Governor Philip Dunton Murphy has joined the chorus of voices urging Senator Bob Menendez to step down following his indictment on bribery charges

Representative Andy Hill of New Jersey echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the principle that no one, regardless of their position or political affiliation, should be exempt from the law. He further expressed doubt about Menendez’s capacity to effectively serve the state amidst such a significant legal challenge.

Adding to the growing calls for resignation, Representative Bill Pascrell Jr., a distinguished member of New Jersey’s congressional delegation, asserted his belief that Menendez could no longer effectively fulfill the responsibilities of his office for the state.

Other influential figures, including Representatives Frank Pallone Jr. and Mikie Sherrill, along with LeRoy Jones Jr., Chairman of the New Jersey state Democratic Party, have also advocated for Menendez’s resignation, acknowledging the gravity of the allegations outlined in the indictment.

Representative Dean Phillips of Minnesota became the first Democrat to publicly call for Menendez’s resignation

The indictment alleges Menendez and his wife, Nadine Arslanian, engaged in a bribery scheme involving the exploitation of the senator’s position to clandestinely benefit the Egyptian government.

The 39-page indictment provides detailed accounts of the charges, including substantial sums of cash, concealed in various locations, substantial assets, and luxury items linked to the alleged scheme. Senator Menendez, whose term extends until 2024, now faces increasing pressure to address the serious accusations against him.


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