Police Sgt. Scott Saunders, a 19-Year Veteran in Massachusetts, Charged With Assaulting 72-Year-Old Neighbor, Police Says


According to a police report, a veteran Massachusetts police sergeant is facing an assault and battery charge for allegedly beating and injuring his 72-year-old neighbor.

Hull police Sgt. Scott Saunders has been placed on paid administrative leave and his badge and service weapon have been confiscated until the completion of the investigation, according to Hull police Chief John Dunn in a statement Thursday.

According to the police report, the altercation between Scott Saunders, a 19-year veteran, and Harry Horsley occurred on July 24 in Pembroke.

According to the claim, Scott Saunders, 46, was strolling along a street in their area with a paddleboard when Horsley drove by in his car. Horsley told police that Scott Saunders hit his car with the paddleboard.

According to the investigation, Horsley came to a halt, left his vehicle, and told the cops that Scott Saunders hit him, pushed him to the ground, and straddled him.

A neighbor captured the altercation on tape.

According to the complaint, Horsley received a cut to the left side of his face, a bloody nose, swelling and bruising around an eye, and other injuries.

Scott Saunders said to police he had previous disagreements with Horsley, who did not give him enough room as he drove by. Horsley, according to Scott Saunders, left his truck, approached him, and raised his hand first.

Scott Saunders is accused of assault and violence on a person over the age of 60. He is free until his next court date.

Scott Saunders received a voicemail at a stated number.

Dunn stated that the Hull Police Department has initiated an internal affairs investigation and has alerted the Massachusetts Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission.

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