Poplar Springs Elementary Faces Theft of 70 Electronic Devices, MPSD Appeals for Community Support

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This unfortunate event was confirmed by the Meridian Public School District (MPSD).

Poplar Springs Elementary Faces Theft of 70 Electronic Devices
Poplar Springs Elementary Faces Theft of 70 Electronic Devices ( Photo: WTOK )

Over the weekend of September 9-10, a distressing incident occurred at Poplar Springs Elementary School, where three individuals forcibly entered the premises and made off with a staggering haul of over 70 school electronic devices

Following diligent investigative efforts, an arrest warrant was issued on Monday, September 18, implicating one of the culprits in not only the break-in at Poplar Springs Elementary but also in a separate instance involving a commercial business.

Expressing her profound dismay, Dr. Amy Carter, the Superintendent of MPSD, emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating, “I am disheartened that these individuals would break into one of our campuses including Poplar Springs Elementary, and steal from our students.” Dr. Carter called upon the community for assistance in identifying and locating these wrongdoers, underscoring the importance of collective action.

The MPSD campus police are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of the remaining two suspects

It’s noteworthy that some of the pilfered devices are still traceable within the community through location-tracking software. Individuals found in possession of these stolen items may face charges related to possession of stolen property. To aid in the resolution of this distressing incident, community members are urged to promptly contact MPSD‘s campus police at (601) 482-1225 if they possess any pertinent information. The collaborative effort of the community is paramount in ensuring the recovery of these vital resources for the education of Poplar Springs Elementary students.


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