‘Pro-Hamas’ protestors attacked a Christian who was accompanying Jews

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In Skokie, Illinois, on Sunday, a group of pro-Palestinian activists assaulted 2 Turning Point USA employees and brutally assaulted a Christian guy who was accompanying a senior Jewish couple.

As per The Jerusalem Post, on Sunday near Chicago, pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli rallies were taking place at the same time as the brutal assaults against the Turning Point USA employees.

The footage that Turning Point USA staffer Peter Christos shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, showed him being physically attacked by pro-Palestinian activists.

He added, “Yesterday in Skokie, myself & @TPUSA coworker were brutally assaulted while attempting to assist a lost, senior Jewish couple to the Pro-Israel event.” “I was beaten in the head, punched multiple times, and struck with a flagpole.” Supporting pro-Israel in 2023 means accepting this.”

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