Public Health Alert from FDA for Caned Meat Product SPAM

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On August 17, 2023, Austin, Minnesota-based Hormel Foods Corp. Services, LLC began producing the canned meat product. The next item is covered by the public health warning [see labels]:

Metal 12-oz. containers of “SPAM Classic” with the dates “BEST BY AUG 2026” and “LOT CODE A08173” written on the bottom.
The USDA stamp of certification on the product reads “EST. 199” as the establishment number. No other stores are implicated in this alert; the goods in question were delivered to H.E.B. retail outlets in Texas.

The issue was identified when the company disclosed that it may have unintentionally supplied products that weren’t sufficiently treated to achieve commercial sterility.

No verifiable complaints of negative effects linked to the intake of these goods have been made. Anyone worried about a wound or disease should speak with a medical professional.

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