Rankin County Sheriff’s Office Fires Deputies Following Allegations of Sexual Assault in Mississippi Home Invasion

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The lawsuit, filed by Michael Jenkins and Eddie Parker, accuses six White deputies of unlawfully entering their private residence and subjecting them to two hours of physical abuse.

Sexual Assault in Mississippi
Sexual Assault in Mississippi ( Photo: CNN )

Multiple deputies have been terminated by the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office in Mississippi following allegations of sexual assault and torture made by two Black men in a federal civil rights lawsuit

During a news conference, Sheriff Bryan Bailey announced the termination of the deputies without disclosing their names or exact number. The deputies had been placed on administrative leave during the internal investigation. Sheriff Bailey refrained from commenting on the specific allegations.

The lawsuit, seeking $400 million in damages, was filed on June 12 in the US District Court in Mississippi. It names Sheriff Bailey and the six deputies as defendants. The incident took place in January when the deputies allegedly entered the plaintiffs’ Braxton home without a warrant or reasonable suspicion, as stated in the lawsuit. The deputies reportedly assaulted the handcuffed victims, utilizing racial slurs, physical violence, and waterboarding. They also attempted sexual assault, threw eggs, and forced the victims to shower together.

The lawsuit further alleges that one deputy shot Michael Jenkins in the mouth, causing severe injuries

The deputies purportedly neglected their duty to provide medical attention to the victims for an extended period. Jenkins suffered permanent physical injuries, cognitive damage, disfigurement, and impairment, while Parker sought medical treatment for his injuries.

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation conducted an independent investigation, and the FBI, the US Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division, and the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of Mississippi have initiated a civil rights investigation into the incident. The Rankin County Sheriff’s Office has appointed a compliance officer to monitor their operations and ensure compliance with state and federal laws.


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