Recent Texas legislation prohibits COVID masks, vaccinations, and shutdown requirements, yet some Republicans demand extra

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Gov. Greg Abbott has been under constant fire from other Republicans for his reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak, from forcing closures of companies right away to dealing with vaccine mandates afterward.

This year, Abbott made a final effort to calm his opponents by pleading with senators to give priority to legislation that would “end limitations on COVID forever.” Additionally, he requested restrictions on his ability to react to a pandemic without authorization from parliament.

He just completely got his way with him.

Senate Bill 29, which forbids local governments from mandating COVID-related masks, vaccinations, or business closures, was signed into law by Abbott on Friday. Republicans, however, claim that because private companies are not covered, it doesn’t go far enough.

A plan to limit his power also never reached Abbott’s desk.

To the typical Texan, the discussion could be primarily symbolic because the pandemic is ended and Abbott already took administrative action to abolish the requirements. However, it continues to be a pressing issue for some Abbott party members who have supported “medical freedom” in the light of the outbreak.

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