Rex Heuermann Under Investigation as Backyard Excavation Continues in Connection with Gilgo Beach Killings


The heavy equipment used in the digging remained at Rex Heuermann’s residence as of Monday morning.

Rex Heuermann Under Investigation as Backyard Excavation Continues
Rex Heuermann Under Investigation as Backyard Excavation Continues ( Photo: CBS19 News )

Rex Heuermann, the prime suspect in the Gilgo Beach killings investigation, has come under scrutiny as investigators were seen conducting an excavation in his backyard over the weekend

Rex Heuermann has been charged with the murder of three women and is considered a key suspect in a fourth case. After his arrest in New York City earlier this month, he pleaded not guilty to the murder charges.

Law enforcement sources have revealed that investigators are now exploring the possibility that some of the victims might have been killed at Rex Heuermann’s house on Long Island. To aid in their search, ground-penetrating sonar, and cadaver dogs are being utilized. The investigation has been intensive, with numerous items seized from the property.

Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney Harrison addressed the media, informing them about the ongoing efforts at the residence. The search around the house’s foundation is underway, and the authorities expect to conclude their examination within the next day or two.

A wooden deck at the house, which Rex Heuermann shared with his wife Asa Ellerup, and two adult children, has been dismantled

A tent has been set up in place of the front porch, indicating the seriousness of the investigation. It’s worth noting that Ellerup and the children were not at the house during the time of the alleged killings, according to law enforcement sources. Last week, Ellerup filed for divorce in light of the unfolding situation.

Suffolk County District Attorney Raymond Tierney emphasized that there is currently no evidence linking Rex Heuermann’s family members to the crimes, making it clear that the focus of the investigation remains on Rex Heuermann himself. The situation continues to evolve as authorities work tirelessly to uncover the truth behind the Gilgo Beach killings.


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