Rogeric Hankins Sentenced to Nine Years for Rape of Washington Detainee During Transport


The U.S. Department of Justice made the announcement on Tuesday, revealing the details of the disturbing incident.

Rogeric Hankins Sentenced to Nine Years
Rogeric Hankins Sentenced to Nine Years ( Photo: )

Rogeric Hankins, a private prisoner transporter employed by Inmate Services Corporation, has been sentenced to a nine-year prison term for the rape of a detainee from Washington

Rogeric Hankins, aged 37, was responsible for transporting inmates with out-of-state warrants. In March 2020, Rogeric Hankins picked up a pretrial detainee from a jail in Olympia, Washington, with the intention of taking her to St. Paul, Minnesota. During the journey, Rogeric Hankins made a stop at a rest stop in Joplin, Missouri. It was there that Rogeric Hankins forcibly took the detainee into a bathroom stall and committed the act of rape, as confirmed by prosecutors.

No immediate response has been received from Rogeric Hankins’ public defenders regarding requests for comment via email and phone on Tuesday

Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division issued a statement expressing outrage over the incident. Clarke condemned Rogeric Hankins’ actions, highlighting that Rogeric Hankins abused his authority, subjected the survivor to sexual abuse and violence, and violated her constitutional right to bodily integrity.

The severity of the crime has resulted in a substantial prison sentence for Rogeric Hankins, ensuring that justice is served for the victim.


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