Russian and Chinese ships cruised ” close to Alaska,” according to US officials, but they weren’t “a threat”

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Despite operating “close to Alaska” the previous week, a Russian and Chinese naval formation “was not seen as a threat,” according to U.S. Northern Command’s statement on Sunday.

According to a NORTHCOM announcement to ABC News, “Air and maritime resources beneath our commands performed missions to ensure the security of the United States and Canada,” noting that “the patrol stayed in international waters and didn’t pose a threat.”

Additionally, a U.S. official revealed to ABC News that the Pentagon was monitoring and anticipating this patrol for a few weeks, well before the training even started. The patrol was also being followed by 4 American warships and P-8 aircraft.

However, a spokesperson for the Chinese Embassy in Washington advised the Journal in an announcement that “based on the annual cooperation plan involving the Chinese and Russian militaries, naval ships of the 2 countries recently carried out joint maritime patrols in essential waters in the western and northern Pacific Ocean.” Russia has not openly stated on the matter.

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