Safest Neighborhoods In The Bronx


If you’re seeking the safest neighborhoods in the Bronx while living in New York City, you’re in for a treat as we have reliable information to assist you. Instead of relying on anonymous internet commenters for advice on raising your children, we provide factual insights. Moreover, we will consider additional factors that may be of importance to you. Trust our reliable guidance and leave no room for doubt.

Pelham Bay
Pelham Bay ( Photo: The New York Times )

Pelham Bay

Pelham Bay is a highly secure neighborhood in the Bronx, with low crime rates of only one violent crime and 25 property crimes per 1,000 residents annually. Additionally, its convenient access to the 6 trains, parks, highways, and proximity to various amenities make it an ideal place to live. Suitable for families and retirees, Pelham Bay benefits from active residents who are committed to maintaining its pleasant atmosphere. Overall, it is a highly recommended and affordable neighborhood in the area.

Woodlawn Heights
Woodlawn Heights ( Photo: GoodMigrations )

Woodlawn Heights

Woodlawn Heights, also known as Woodlawn, is a somewhat vaguely defined neighborhood that occasionally includes parts of Yonkers. It is characterized by its safety and tranquility, which can be appealing to many. However, if you’re seeking a vibrant party scene, you may want to explore other areas in the city. While there are bars available, the general atmosphere leans towards people keeping to themselves. The area is known for low crime rates and well-maintained apartments. On the downside, accessing the subway may require walking or taking a bus, which is worth considering if you often carry heavy loads or have young children with you.

Morris Park
Morris Park ( Photo: The New York Times )

Morris Park

Morris Park offers close proximity to Pelham Parkway and a plethora of dining and entertainment options. It consistently ranks among the safest neighborhoods in the city, ensuring a secure living environment. If you enjoy exploring boutiques and shops, Morris Park will cater to your needs. While finding affordable apartments may require some effort, they are available for those willing to search.


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