Scammers Use AI Tools for Kidnapping Scams to Demand Ransom

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Scammers use AI tools to create fake voices and images in kidnapping scams to demand ransom.

Jennifer DeStefano and daughter
Scammers use AI tools to create Jennifer DeStefano’s daughter’s voices in a kidnapping scam to demand ransom. (Photo: New York Post)

AI Tools for Kidnapping Scams

Following the popularity gained by AI technology, scammers have already used AI tools to fake hostages and fabricate people’s voices and pictures that are gathered from their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Tiktok.

A mom from Arizona named Jennifer DeStefano reported receiving a call saying that her daughter was kidnapped, and the unknown caller demanded a ransom from her. She believed them after hearing her daughter’s voice, which turned out as cloned using AI tools, and her daughter was on a skiing trip.

This incident proved that some people are now using AI tools to scam and harm others, so we must be extra careful every day.

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The Dark Side of AI Tools

AI technology had been around for years, but it gained more popularity when Microsoft and Google started investing in AI technology. However, the recent popularity of several AI tools has not only opened opportunities but also to the potential exploitation of AI and is becoming more accessible to individuals and scammers, Fox News reported.

Despite its benefits and good uses, authorities and experts reminded people about the dark side of AI tools, especially if abused and exploited for personal gains and crimes that harm others.

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