School Bus Hijacker Arrested Following Hour-Long Chase With Authorities in Ohio Area


A school bus hijacker was arrested following an hour-long chase with several authorities.

Chad A. Murdock
A school bus hijacker was arrested following an hour-long chase with several authorities. (Photo: WKRC)

Details about the Hour-Long Chase Between the School Bus Hijacker and Authorities

A 32-year-old school bus hijacker named Chad A. Murdock reportedly hijacked a school bus in the Ohio area, which led to the hour-long chase between him and the authorities before his arrest Tuesday morning.

According to authorities, the school bus hijacker tried to escape from the incident by driving into several corn fields, which was caught in dashcam footage of the long chase.

After the wild chase, authorities who were chasing the school bus hijacker later decided to deploy a device for tire deflation, flattening the bus he was driving to stop him from escaping.

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School Bus Hijacker Faces Multiple Charges After Wild Chase with Authorities

Following the hour-long chase, the school bus hijacker was arrested, while several vehicles of authorities and the corn fields were reportedly damaged due to crashes sustained from the chase.

Fortunately, no one involved in the chase was injured, and the school bus hijacker was finally taken to prison, Law and Crime reported.

The school bus hijacker faced multiple charges, including recklessness, possession of stolen property after hijacking the school bus, and resisting the authorities’ order to stop the chase.

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