Scott Baio, star of “Happy Days,” says he’s quitting California because of the homelessness issue and violence

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Actor Scott Baio of “Happy Days” fame revealed on Wednesday that he is leaving California, blaming the state’s homelessness epidemic as one of the causes.

The popular 1970s sitcom Chachi, represented by longtime Los Angeles resident Baio, declared the Golden State is “hardly a secure place anymore” and cited weak laws against crime as the reason.

The elderly actor tweeted, ” Following 45 years, I’m at last on the decision to ‘exit stage right’ from California,” along with some facts regarding homelessness.

“Homelessness decreases the value of real estate. Additionally, there are no repercussions for widespread criminality, which raises the cost of everything and leaves the area unsafe. #ImFree,” said Baio.

Californians, according to Baio, couldn’t “lose his ‘right side’ beliefs.”

The “Charles in Charge” actor responded to a tweet that said Baio couldn’t be forgotten by saying, “Possibly not, but they’re going to remember the huge taxes I pay!”

Baio claimed to have “always voted conservatively.”

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