Sen. GOP concerned about McConnell incident

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The unexpected freezing of Mitch McConnell following a news conference on Wednesday shook the Senate Republican Conference, inspiring optimism from supporters and critics that he is fully recovered from any health difficulties.

Additionally, to check on his former senatorial colleague, President Joe Biden made a call to him.

McConnell alluded to Biden’s previous this year public collapse across a sandbag by saying, “I informed him that I was sandbagged.” “I’m good. The most crucial thing is that I’m okay. Keep an eye on those sandbags.”

At a Wednesday afternoon news conference, the Senate minority leader suddenly ended his introductory comments. He immediately left the room for a little while before coming back to take questions, which confused him. A McConnell staffer claimed that the senator was dizzy. McConnell came back to the news conference and answered queries from the media.

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