Senior Biden officials are trying to transmit American troops to the jungles of South America to support stopping the trafficking of people


As reported by a senior administration official and a U.S. defense official, senior Biden administration authorities are pressing to send American soldiers to the rough, lawless region between Colombia and Panama to assist local authorities in stopping illicit drugs, human smuggling, and migration.

The region separating South and Central America is referred to as the Darien Gap. The risky but essential component of a voyage from South America to the United States is the roadless area, which is composed of jungles, tropical forests, rivers, and high mountains.

Each year, numerous migrants try to go from Colombia to Panama, frequently using smugglers to help them with the difficult terrain.

The U.S. military currently operates a Security Force Assistance Brigade in the 2 nations, mainly encouraging local forces. However, government officials are attempting to increase the training task, such as sending troops to the Darien Gap to advise Colombian and Panamanian forces regarding how to stop the transfer of drugs and individuals in the region, sources claimed.

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