Social Media Influencer Katie Sorensen Sentenced to Jail for False Kidnapping Claims


The Sonoma County district attorney’s office revealed that Katie Sorensen, aged 30, has received a 90-day jail sentence, with the possibility of serving 60 days through a work-release program.

Katie Sorensen
Katie Sorensen ( Photo: New York Post )

Katie Sorensen, a social media influencer who gained fame for a false Instagram video claiming that a couple tried to abduct her children at a crafts store in Northern California, has been sentenced to jail

In April, she was convicted of knowingly making a false report of a crime. Prosecutors stated that on December 7, 2020, Katie Sorensen contacted the Petaluma Police Department, alleging that a couple had attempted to kidnap her two young children at a Michaels store. Katie Sorensen later posted a video on Instagram and repeated her claims on a local news program, which went viral. However, subsequent investigations found her report to be false, with evidence contradicting her accusations, including store video footage and the statements of the accused couple.

Katie Sorensen had gained a modest following on her Instagram account prior to facing charges. Her videos regarding the alleged abduction attempt garnered over 4 million views and attracted tens of thousands of new followers. Those videos have since been deleted.

Sadie Vega-Martinez, one of the individuals wrongly accused by Katie Sorensen, expressed satisfaction with the conviction, stating that justice had been served

As part of her sentence, in addition to jail time, Katie Sorensen has been ordered to undergo 12 months of probation, during which she must refrain from having a social media presence and allow warrantless search and seizure of her electronic devices. Katie Sorensen is also required to complete a 4-hour implicit bias training and pay fines and fees.

Following the hearing, Katie Sorensen was taken into custody to commence her sentence. District Attorney Carla Rodriguez commented that Katie Sorensen had been held accountable for her crime, expressing hope that the sentence would bring closure to the couple falsely accused of attempted kidnapping.

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